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Anonymous sent: im really embarrassed that it took me this long to realize, but the author "saranghae" is you, isn't it?? Your work is freaking amazing!!

;^; Yes that’s me. Thank you so much~ I’m glad you enjoy my writing haha *dies at being called an author*

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Burning Day

by: ConstantComment

Fanfiction Genre: Book; Harry Potter
Length: Oneshot

Summary: Looking for a bit of solitude over his winter holiday, Harry Potter rents a home in Scotland, only to end up in the middle of adventure amongst the snow-blanketed hills. There is a local in Castle Valley who looks uncannily like his Hogwarts school rival, but he has no memory of meeting Harry in the past. However, Harry is determined to find out what happened to Draco Malfoy between his disappearance and finding his new identity as a charming unicorn trainer at the Scotland Unicorn Reservation for Lost Youths.
Pairing: Drarry
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sexual Content, Violence, Memory Loss

Link: TheHexFiles

A Vampire in Manhattan

by: Saranghae

Fanfiction Genre: Book; Percy Jackson
Length: Chaptered (1/?)

Summary: He panted softly, staring down at the boy as the life started to ebb from his body. He was quite beautiful, now that the moonlight lit his face. His hair was dark and long, tied back in a messy ponytail which had started to come loose from the way he’d been struggling. His lips were pink despite his pale olive skin and his eyes were dark and large, round and full of fear.
Percy had never wanted to keep someone more in his entire life.
Pairing: Percico
Genre: AU, Dark Romance, Vampire!AU, Hallowe’en Horror
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sexual Content, Graphic Description of Violence, Blood, Torture, Dub-Con, Slight Fluff, Underage, Dark Themes

Link: AO3

All I Dream of Lately is How to Get You Underneath Me

by: oftirnanog

Fanfiction Genre: TV Show; Teen Wolf
Length: Chaptered(5)

Summary: Scott is a graphic/web designer running an independent blog in L.A. Stiles is a headhunter who recruits him for a job at GQ magazine in New York. Both of them have disastrous love lives and make a friends with benefits agreement. Of course, as these things always go, they develop feelings for each other. Cue all the internal angsty struggles of what both presume to be unrequited love. These boys are reaching new levels of oblivious.
Pairing: Sciles
Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sexual Content, Language, Friends with Benefits

Link: AO3

As the Romans Do

by: ms_superwhoavengerslockgermany06

Fanfiction Genre: Book; Percy Jackson
Length: Oneshot

Summary: After winning his first game of Capture the Flag, Jason goes a little to far with the spoils of war.
Pairing: Jercy
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sexual Content, Bondage

Link: AO3

I’ll Tabletop You Any Day

by: Yuu_chi

Fanfiction Genre: TV Show; Avatar; the Last Airbender
Length: Oneshot

Summary: Sokka’s the highschool drop-out and closet nerd working at his sister’s coffee shop - Zuko is the gorgeous rich guy who comes in three times a week and orders cinnamon tea. Sokka may or may not have his entire schedule memorized. Thank god for Star Wars.
Pairing: Zukka
Genre: Romance, Coffeeshop!AU
Rating: Mature
Warning: Sexual Content, Boys being massive nerds

Link: AO3

Cunning and Ambition

by: MinaAndChao

Fanfiction Genre: Book; Harry Potter
Length: Series(6), Chaptered(74)

Summary: Harry Potter has found out he’s a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train. Who knew one simple sentence and one simple gesture could change history? Slytherin!Harry AU. Books 1-6
Pairing: Drarry, Pansy/Blaise
Genre: Adventure, Slytherin!AU, Angst, Friendship, Romance
Rating: Teen
Warning: Abandoned Mid Book 6

Link: AO3

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His Tommy

by: mcconnell

Fanfiction Genre: Book; The Maze Runner
Length: Oneshot

Summary: There’d been a boy, Newt remembered that much.
He’d had brown hair and brown eyes and pasty skin and long limbs. He’d had a nice smile – a crooked, toothy one that was almost never without meaning. He’d been Newt’s, hadn’t he? It seemed likely; the thought of him and that grin and that figure was enough to make Newt’s heart twist and his stomach do flip-flops.
Pairing: Newmas
Genre: Angst
Rating: Teen
Warning: Major Spoilers

Link: AO3